Please support the Ryan Hubbard Scholarship Fund. This is a tax-deductible contribution. This fund was created by Christiansburg Rescue in memory of former member Ryan Hubbard, and is administered on its behalf by the Western Virginia EMS Council, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Click the button below to donate!

WVEMS is once again accepting bids from instructors, Education Coordinators, training centers, ALS Coordinators, EMS agencies, local governments, etc. to offer Category 1 Continuing Education and approved auxiliary courses throughout the region. Thanks to a cooperative opportunity with the Virginia Department of Health Office if EMS, funding is available to pay an hourly rate for qualified 33-hour CE courses, and a per-student payment for approved auxiliary courses. Courses MUST COMPLETE by June 30, 2019 to be eligible for funding.

Please note that CE courses are NO LONGER REQUIRED to be announced in 33-hour blocks, and are not restricted to two per locality. Any number of courses, for any number of hours of ALS or BLS Cat. 1 CE, in any locality may be submitted.

WVEMS Meetings Postponed to Thursday, September 20

Due to the potential impact of Hurricane Florence, the WVEMS quarterly board meeting and other related meetings (PI Committee, Executive Committee) have been postponed one week.

All meetings will be held on Thursday, Sept. 20, at the originally scheduled times.

WVEMS Executive Committee – Thursday, September 20
1:30 PM, Salem Civic Center, Parlor C

WVEMS Board of Directors – Thursday - September 20
1:30 PM, Salem Civic Center -  Parlor C

WVEMS Performance Improvement/Trauma Triage Committee - Thursday, September 20
10:00 AM, WVEMS Offices, Salem – Summerlin Conference Room


Please take a look at the DRAFT 2019 WVEMS protocols. This version will be published as a PDF document that can be downloaded, and they will also be availble as a smart-phone app for Apple and Android. The expected release date is January 1, 2019. We will be soliciting comments for the next 30 days. (Please note that the "Policies" section will be revised prior to release.) Thank you!

  pdf (19.39 MB) These protocols are not released for use. They are DRAFT ONLY at this time 

pdf DRAFT 2019 PROTOCOLS (19.39 MB)


Or you can email directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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