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  1. Call to Order
  2. Introduction of Guests
  3. Secretary's Report genetic viagra
  4. Treasurer's Report viagra and heart arrythma
    1. FY 2017 Year-to-Date Financial Report - Unaudited       pdf Treasurer's Report (21 KB)
  5. Reports and Action Items viagra +india
    1. Executive Committee 
      1. Awards Program Report  See List of Winners Here
      2. Revision to Procurement Policy     pdf Procurement Policy (87 KB)
    2. Medical Direction
      1. Protocol Revisions - Progress Report (Charles Lane, MD/Cathy Cockrell)
      2. Regional Protocols - Board Acknowledgement 
      3. Supply Exchange Program - Board Acknowledgement
      4. Medication Kit Exchange Program - Board Acknowledgement
      5. New CE and Initial Program Funding Programs (Rob Logan & Cathy Cockrell)
      6. Future Certification Courses  (Rob Logan & Cathy Cockrell)
    3. Performance Improvement Workgroups (Meets same day as Board)  (Cathy Cockrell)
    4. Near Southwest Preparedness Alliance (NSPA) -  (David Linkous)
      1. Hospital Diversion Plan - Board Acknowledgement    pdf HOSPITAL DIVERSION PLAN  (249 KB)
  6. State EMS Advisory Board Report (Jason Ferguson)    
  7. EMS Financial Assistance - Current Cycle Report (Rob Logan)    
  8. New Business
    1. Special Presentation (Held over from last meeting)
  9. President's Report
  10. Staff Reports 
  11. Public comments
  12. Adjourn
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