Henry County CE - Every Thursday Evening!

 CE’s Offered – Must bring your EMT/Intermediate or Paramedic Card with Barcode to receive CE Hours.  Class starts at 6:00pm at Henry County Department of Public Safety, 1024 DuPont Road, Martinsville, VA


Class Hrs
4/6/2017 Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick…Heart Stopped. Now what? Code Blue Tema Approach 2
4/13/2017 If one works, Two is Better: Dual Sequential Defibrillation 2
4/20/2017 The DirectTV of ECG: 12/15 Leads Basics 2.5
4/27/2017 Whats that Smell?: Sepsis 1.5
5/4/2017 Puff Puff Purse: CPAP 1.5
5/11/2017 Blood Goes Round and Round. Air Goes in and out: Complete A&P Review 2
5/18/2017 Know-It-Alls Welcome : 5 sec diagnosis Approach 1.5
5/25/2017 Lets Put it All Together : Medical Lab 3
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